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Laurence Belfiore A. Physical Properties of Macromolecules

Explains and analyzes polymer physical chemistry research methods and experimental data Taking a fresh approach to polymer physical chemistry, Physical Properties of Macromolecules integrates the two foundations of physical polymer science, theory and practice. It provides the tools to understand polymer science concepts and research methods, while also instructing how to analyze experimental data. Drawing on the authors own extensive research in physical properties of polymers as well as more traditional topics, this text offers detailed analysis of numerous problems in polymer science, including laboratory data and research results. Topics include: Solid-state dynamics of polymeric materials Glass transitions in amorphous polymers Semicrystalline polymers and melting transitions Viscoelastic behavior Relaxation processes Macromolecule-metal complexes Mechanical properties of linear and crosslinked polymers Filled with detailed graphs to help explain important quantitative trends, Physical Properties of Macromolecules teaches by example, ensuring comprehension of the subject as well as the methodology to implement theory, problem-solving techniques, and research results in practical situations. This resource serves as the ideal companion for government laboratories, industrial research scientists, engineers, and professionals in polymer science fields who are interested in fully grasping all aspects of physical polymer science.

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Storey Richard A. Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals

The field of solid state characterization is central to the pharmaceutical industry, as drug products are, in an overwhelming number of cases, produced as solid materials. Selection of the optimum solid form is a critical aspect of the development of pharmaceutical compounds, due to their ability to exist in more than one form or crystal structure (polymorphism). These polymorphs exhibit different physical properties which can affect their biopharmaceutical properties. This book provides an up-to-date review of the current techniques used to characterize pharmaceutical solids. Ensuring balanced, practical coverage with industrial relevance, it covers a range of key applications in the field. The following topics are included: Physical properties and processes Thermodynamics Intellectual guidance X-ray diffraction Spectroscopy Microscopy Particle sizing Mechanical properties Vapour sorption Thermal analysis & Calorimetry Polymorph prediction Form selection

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Ronald Wrolstad E. Food Carbohydrate Chemistry

Not since «Sugar Chemistry» by Shallenberger and Birch (1975) has a text clearly presented and applied basic carbohydrate chemistry to the quality attributes and functional properties of foods. Now in Food Carbohydrate Chemistry, author Wrolstad emphasizes the application of carbohydrate chemistry to understanding the chemistry, physical and functional properties of food carbohydrates. Structure and nomenclature of sugars and sugar derivatives are covered, focusing on those derivatives that exist naturally in foods or are used as food additives. Chemical reactions emphasize those that have an impact on food quality and occur under processing and storage conditions. Coverage includes: how chemical and physical properties of sugars and polysaccharides affect the functional properties of foods; taste properties and non-enzymic browning reactions; the nutritional roles of carbohydrates from a food chemists perspective; basic principles, advantages, and limitations of selected carbohydrate analytical methods. An appendix includes descriptions of proven laboratory exercises and demonstrations. Applications are emphasized, and anecdotal examples and case studies are presented. Laboratory units, homework exercises, and lecture demonstrations are included in the appendix. In addition to a complete list of cited references, a listing of key references is included with brief annotations describing their important features. Students and professionals alike will benefit from this latest addition to the IFT Press book series. In Food Carbohydrate Chemistry, upper undergraduate and graduate students will find a clear explanation of how basic principles of carbohydrate chemistry can account for and predict functional properties such as sweetness, browning potential, and solubility properties. Professionals working in product development and technical sales will value Food Carbohydrate Chemistry as a needed resource to help them understand the functionality of carbohydrate ingredients. And persons in research and quality assurance will rely upon Food Carbohydrate Chemistry for understanding the principles of carbohydrate analytical methods and the physical and chemical properties of sugars and polysaccharides.

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Wiley Properties and Behavior of Polymers, 2 Volume Set

The book provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the physical properties of polymers including, viscoelasticity, flammability, miscibility, optical properties, surface properties and more. Containing carefully selected reprints from the Wileys renowned Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, this reference features the same breadth and quality of coverage and clarity of presentation found in the original.

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Rainer Wesche Physical Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors

A much-needed update on complex high-temperature superconductors, focusing on materials aspects; this timely book coincides with a recent major break-through of the discovery of iron-based superconductors. It provides an overview of materials aspects of high-temperature superconductors, combining introductory aspects, description of new physics, material aspects, and a description of the material properties This title is suitable for researchers in materials science, physics and engineering. Also for technicians interested in the applications of superconductors, e.g. as biomagnets

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Raveau Bernard Cobalt Oxides. From Crystal Chemistry to Physics

Unparalleled in the breadth and depth of its coverage of all important aspects, this book systematically treats the electronic and magnetic properties of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric cobaltites in both ordered and disordered phases. Authored by a pioneer and a rising star in the field, the monograph summarizes, organizes and streamlines the otherwise difficult-to-obtain information on this topic. An introductory chapter sets forth the crystal chemistry of cobalt oxides to lay the groundwork for an understanding of the complex phenomena observed in this materials class. Special emphasis is placed on a comprehensive discussion of cobaltite physical properties in different structural families. Providing a thorough introduction to cobalt oxides from a chemical and physical viewpoint as a basis for understanding their intricacies, this is a must-have for both experienced researchers as well as entrants to the field.

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Prof. Lentz Barry Equilibria and Kinetics of Biological Macromolecules

Progressively builds a deep understanding of macromolecular behavior Based on each of the authors roughly forty years of biophysics research and teaching experience, this text instills readers with a deep understanding of the biophysics of macromolecules. It sets a solid foundation in the basics by beginning with core physical concepts such as thermodynamics, quantum chemical models, molecular structure and interactions, and water and the hydrophobic effect. Next, the book examines statistical mechanics, protein-ligand binding, and conformational stability. Finally, the authors address kinetics and equilibria, exploring underlying theory, protein folding, and stochastic models. With its strong emphasis on molecular interactions, Equilibria and Kinetics of Biological Macromolecules offers new insights and perspectives on proteins and other macromolecules. The text features coverage of: Basic theory, applications, and new research findings Related topics in thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and molecular simulations Principles and applications of molecular simulations in a dedicated chapter and interspersed throughout the text Macromolecular binding equilibria from the perspective of statistical mechanics Stochastic processes related to macromolecules Suggested readings at the end of each chapter include original research papers, reviews and monographs, enabling readers to explore individual topics in greater depth. At the end of the text, ten appendices offer refreshers on mathematical treatments, including probability, computational methods, Poisson equations, and defining molecular boundaries. With its classroom-tested pedagogical approach, Equilibria and Kinetics of Biological Macromolecules is recommended as a graduate-level textbook for biophysics courses and as a reference for researchers who want to strengthen their understanding of macromolecular behavior.

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Malcolm Halcrow A. Spin-Crossover Materials. Properties and Applications

The phenomenon of spin-crossover has a large impact on the physical properties of a solid material, including its colour, magnetic moment, and electrical resistance. Some materials also show a structural phase change during the transition. Several practical applications of spin-crossover materials have been demonstrated including display and memory devices, electrical and electroluminescent devices, and MRI contrast agents. Switchable liquid crystals, nanoparticles, and thin films of spin-crossover materials have also been achieved. Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications presents a comprehensivesurvey of recent developments in spin-crossover research, highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of this rapidly expanding field. Following an introductory chapter which describes the spin-crossover phenomenon and historical development of the field, the book goes on to cover a wide range of topics including Spin-crossover in mononuclear, polynuclear and polymeric complexes Structure: function relationships in molecular spin-crossover materials Charge-transfer-induced spin-transitions Reversible spin-pairing in crystalline organic radicals Spin-state switching in solution Spin-crossover compounds in multifunctional switchable materials and nanotechnology Physical and theoretical methods for studying spin-crossover materials Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications is a valuable resource for academic researchers working in the field of spin-crossover materials and topics related to crystal engineering, solid state chemistry and physics, and molecular materials. Postgraduate students will also find this book useful as a comprehensive introduction to the field.

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Malcolm Halcrow A. Spin-Crossover Materials. Properties and Applications

The phenomenon of spin-crossover has a large impact on the physical properties of a solid material, including its colour, magnetic moment, and electrical resistance. Some materials also show a structural phase change during the transition. Several practical applications of spin-crossover materials have been demonstrated including display and memory devices, electrical and electroluminescent devices, and MRI contrast agents. Switchable liquid crystals, nanoparticles, and thin films of spin-crossover materials have also been achieved. Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications presents a comprehensivesurvey of recent developments in spin-crossover research, highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of this rapidly expanding field. Following an introductory chapter which describes the spin-crossover phenomenon and historical development of the field, the book goes on to cover a wide range of topics including Spin-crossover in mononuclear, polynuclear and polymeric complexes Structure: function relationships in molecular spin-crossover materials Charge-transfer-induced spin-transitions Reversible spin-pairing in crystalline organic radicals Spin-state switching in solution Spin-crossover compounds in multifunctional switchable materials and nanotechnology Physical and theoretical methods for studying spin-crossover materials Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications is a valuable resource for academic researchers working in the field of spin-crossover materials and topics related to crystal engineering, solid state chemistry and physics, and molecular materials. Postgraduate students will also find this book useful as a comprehensive introduction to the field.

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Laurence Oliphant Piccadilly: A Fragment of Contemporary Biography

Peter Privalov L. Microcalorimetry of Macromolecules. The Physical Basis Biological Structures

Examining the physical basis of the structure of macromolecules—proteins, nucleic acids, and their complexes—using calorimetric techniques Many scientists working in biology are unfamiliar with the basics of thermodynamics and its role in determining molecular structures. Yet measuring the heat of structural change a molecule undergoes under various conditions yields information on the energies involved and, thus, on the physical bases of the considered structures. Microcalorimetry of Macromolecules offers protein scientists unique access to this important information. Divided into thirteen chapters, the book introduces readers to the basics of thermodynamics as it applies to calorimetry, the evolution of the calorimetric technique, as well as how calorimetric techniques are used in the thermodynamic studies of macromolecules, detailing instruments for measuring the heat effects of various processes. Also provided is general information on the structure of biological macromolecules, proteins, and nucleic acids, focusing on the key thermodynamic problems relating to their structure. The book covers: The use of supersensitive calorimetric instruments, including micro and nano-calorimeters for measuring the heat of isothermal reactions (Isothermal Titration Nano-Calorimeter), the heat capacities over a broad temperature range (Scanning Nano-Calorimeter), and pressure effects (Pressure Perturbation Nano-Calorimeter) Two of the simplest but key structural elements: the α and polyproline helices and their complexes, the α-helical coiled-coil, and the pyroline coiled-coils Complicated macromolecular formations, including small globular proteins, multidomain proteins and their complexes, and nucleic acids Numerous examples of measuring the ground state of protein energetics, as well as changes seen when proteins interact The book also reveals how intertwined structure and thermodynamics are in terms of a macromolecules organization, mechanism of formation, the stabilization of its three-dimensional structure, and ultimately, its function. The first book to describe microcalorimetric technique in detail, enough for graduate students and research scientists to successfully plumb the structural mysteries of proteins and the double helix, Microcalorimetry of Macromolecules is an essential introduction to using a microcalorimeter in biological studies.

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Sergio Pizzini Physical Chemistry of Semiconductor Materials and Processes

The development of solid state devices began a little more than a century ago, with the discovery of the electrical conductivity of ionic solids. Today, solid state technologies form the background of the society in which we live. The aim of this book is threefold: to present the background physical chemistry on which the technology of semiconductor devices is based; secondly, to describe specific issues such as the role of defects on the properties of solids, and the crucial influence of surface properties; and ultimately, to look at the physics and chemistry of semiconductor growth processes, both at the bulk and thin-film level, together with some issues relating to the properties of nano-devices. Divided into five chapters, it covers: Thermodynamics of solids, including phases and their properties and structural order Point defects in semiconductors Extended defects in semiconductors and their interactions with point defects and impurities Growth of semiconductor materials Physical chemistry of semiconductor materials processing With applications across all solid state technologies,the book is useful for advanced students and researchers in materials science, physics, chemistry, electrical and electronic engineering. It is also useful for those in the semiconductor industry.

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Toshio Fuchigami Fundamentals and Applications of Organic Electrochemistry. Synthesis, Materials, Devices

This textbook is an accessible overview of the broad field of organic electrochemistry, covering the fundamentals and applications of contemporary organic electrochemistry. The book begins with an introduction to the fundamental aspects of electrode electron transfer and methods for the electrochemical measurement of organic molecules. It then goes on to discuss organic electrosynthesis of molecules and macromolecules, including detailed experimental information for the electrochemical synthesis of organic compounds and conducting polymers. Later chapters highlight new methodology for organic electrochemical synthesis, for example electrolysis in ionic liquids, the application to organic electronic devices such as solar cells and LEDs, and examples of commercialized organic electrode processes. Appendices present useful supplementary information including experimental examples of organic electrosynthesis, and tables of physical data (redox potentials of various organic solvents and organic compounds and physical properties of various organic solvents).

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Лоренс Стерн The works. Vol. 6

Полный вариант заголовка: «The works of Laurence Sterne : Volume 6. Letters of the late Laurence Sterne to his most intimate friends / with a fragment, in the manner of Rabelais : complete in 8 volumes : with an account of the life and writings of the author».




Dermot OHare Molecular Materials

“… the book does an excellent job of putting together several different classes of materials. Many common points emerge, and the book may facilitate the development of hybrids in which the qualities of the “parents” are enhanced.” –Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011 With applications in optoelectronics and photonics, quantum information processing, nanotechnology and data storage, molecular materials enrich our daily lives in countless ways. These materials have properties that depend on their exact structure, the degree of order in the way the molecules are aligned and their crystalline nature. Small, delicate changes in molecular structure can totally alter the properties of the material in bulk. There has been increasing emphasis on functional metal complexes that demonstrate a wide range of physical phenomena. Molecular Materials represents the diversity of the area, encapsulating magnetic, optical and electrical properties, with chapters on: Metal-Based Quadratic Nonlinear Optical Materials Physical Properties of Metallomesogens Molecular Magnetic Materials Molecular Inorganic Conductors and Superconductors Molecular Nanomagnets Structured to include a clear introduction, a discussion of the basic concepts and up-to-date coverage of key aspects, each chapter provides a detailed review which conveys the excitement of work in that field. Additional volumes in the Inorganic Materials Series: Low-Dimensional Solids | Molecular Materials | Porous Materials | Energy Materials

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Oleg Borisov Macromolecular Self-Assembly

This book describes techniques of synthesis and self-assembly of macromolecules for developing new materials and improving functionality of existing ones. Because self-assembly emulates how nature creates complex systems, they likely have the best chance at succeeding in real-world biomedical applications. • Employs synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, and materials science principles and techniques • Emphasizes self-assembly in solutions (particularly, aqueous solutions) and at solid-liquid interfaces • Describes polymer assembly driven by multitude interactions, including solvophobic, electrostatic, and obligatory co-assembly • Illustrates assembly of bio-hybrid macromolecules and applications in biomedical engineering

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Michael Carter Soil Properties and their Correlations

Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition Michael Carter, Geotechnical Consultant (Retired), UK Stephen P Bentley, Reader in Engineering Geology, Cardiff University, UK An essential guide to improving preliminary geotechnical analysis and design from limited data Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition provides a summary of commonly-used soil engineering properties and gives a wide range of correlations between the various properties, presented in the context of how they will be used in geotechnical design. The book is divided into 11 chapters: Commonly-measured properties; Grading and plasticity; Density; Permeability, Consolidation and settlement; Shear strength; California bearing ratio; Shrinkage and swelling characteristics; Frost susceptibility; Susceptibility to combustion; and Soil-structure interfaces. In addition, there are two appendices: Soil classification systems; and Sampling methods. This new, more comprehensive, edition provides material that would be of practical assistance to those faced with the problem of having to estimate soil behaviour from little or no laboratory test data. Key features: • Soil properties explained in practical terms. • A large number of correlations between different soil properties. • A valuable aid for assessing design values of properties. • Clear statements on practical limitations and accuracy. An invaluable source of reference for experienced professionals working on geotechnical design, it will also give students and early-career engineers an in-depth appreciation of the appropriate use of each property and the pitfalls to avoid.

6625.16 РУБ



Alberto Fernandez-Nieves Microgel Suspensions. Fundamentals and Applications

Providing a vital link between chemistry and physics on the nanoscale, this book offers concise coverage of the entire topic in five major sections, beginning with synthesis of microgel particles and continuing with their physical properties. The phase behavior and dynamics of resulting microgel suspensions feature in the third section, followed by their mechanical properties. It concludes with detailed accounts of numerous industrial, commercial and medical applications. Edited by David Weitz, Professor at Harvard and one of the worlds pre-eminent experts in the field.

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John Hryn N. Magnesium Technology 2000

These proceedings provide an overview of magnesium production technology, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and alloy development. Co-sponsored with TMS by the Magnesium Association, the symposium was divided into several sessions: Electrolytic technology, thermal reduction/environmental, automotive issues and recycling, alloy development/corrosion, solidification, creep properties/heat treating effects, physical/mechanical properties, wrought alloys/thixmolding. A collection of papers from the 2000 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 12-March 15, 2000.

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Intentional ready-to-wear, hand-loomed knitwear, wovens, and handmade leather accessories // Brooklyn, NY since 2008.Не найдено: производитель‎Shop · ‎Contact · ‎Policies · ‎SizingКартинки по запросу lauren manoogian производитель{"cb":9,"cl":21,"cr":6,"id":"OFNsKxQZMJlx-M:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":67}},"oh":3083,"ou":"https://www.ln-cc.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites-LNCC/default/dw4a6b52c4/features/f_lauren-manoogian_2.jpg","ow":2192,"pt":"www.ln-cc.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites...","rh":"ln-cc.com","rid":"R5gtXd3uznN4WM","rt":0,"ru":"https://www.ln-cc.com/en/feed-lauren-manoogian-feature/feed-lauren-manoogian-feature.html","sc":1,"st":"LN-CC.com","th":99,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQO79MsHt6jiRGdv4FN8quesM6yMmIFD3rZI7UnK1i_EF4ZdJ-WLpg5Cg","tw":70}{"cl":21,"cr":21,"id":"hiTphNicG_-twM:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":120}},"oh":1090,"ou":"https://www.ln-cc.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites-LNCC/default/dw97c93663/features/f_lauren-manoogian_lead.jpg","ow":2192,"pt":"www.ln-cc.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites...","rh":"ln-cc.com","rid":"R5gtXd3uznN4WM","rt":0,"ru":"https://www.ln-cc.com/en/feed-lauren-manoogian-feature/feed-lauren-manoogian-feature.html","sc":1,"st":"LN-CC.com","th":90,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQyjKG2oRdSAYe7ycQblACWQdUnMG-iQ6s8HaiSvv5mvaZLH7xBUy59QD8","tw":181}{"cr":3,"id":"vVZ_vu4WAU4ssM:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":90}},"oh":1024,"ou":"https://kinfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Lauren_Manoogian_Knitwear_Sweater_Weather-1024x1024.jpg","ow":1024,"pt":"kinfolk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Lauren_Mano...","rh":"kinfolk.com","rid":"rfKG6a3_nqEZRM","rt":0,"ru":"https://kinfolk.com/lauren-manoogian-sweater-weather/","st":"Kinfolk","th":90,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcTZflhF0thlMG-6tAW6GbN30fEomigEKf70OQlQ9HyGLjv7uixBD29wrA","tw":90}{"cl":9,"id":"UJz3yb7yhk2e6M:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":56}},"oh":1200,"ou":"https://alexeagle.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/large_lauren-manoogian-neutral-fisherwoman-tunic.jpg","ow":750,"pt":"alexeagle.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/large_l...","rh":"alexeagle.co.uk","rid":"CYNtxBKiarwdWM","rt":0,"ru":"https://alexeagle.co.uk/lauren-manoogian-winter-essentials/","st":"Alex Eagle","th":106,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcT020YIaw3SD_7i5vNpz4MUZ09ry6YUOLW7vgw8_CqhrRGnVNRtWYev3kQ","tw":66}{"cb":15,"cl":21,"cr":3,"ct":12,"id":"R9FNLD09SR9_3M:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":72}},"oh":3000,"ou":"https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1246/0219/products/201810-Manoogian-H18_12874_WEB.jpg?v\u003d1541632241","ow":2000,"pt":"cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1246/0219/products/20181...","rh":"laurenmanoogian.com","rid":"cYc-aEuJZm9jCM","rt":0,"ru":"https://laurenmanoogian.com/collections/shop","sc":1,"st":"Lauren Manoogian","th":108,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQpJfQUJtstRAMsxTq83G74LqAeV6Y8l6Mb0zGAd1eLRBgqCxfjGG_3fw","tw":72}{"cb":6,"cl":18,"cr":21,"id":"iNNw20tfGPGqpM:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":93}},"oh":600,"ou":"https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0116/4592/products/laurenmanoogian_capotecoat_charcoal_1_grande.jpg?v\u003d1482364490","ow":600,"pt":"cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0116/4592/products/laure...","rh":"shop-generalstore.com","rid":"YOl7GWpqLxpfgM","rt":0,"ru":"https://shop-generalstore.com/collections/lauren-manoogian","sc":1,"st":"General Store","th":93,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcSPP8Rub0GNtiSuIV7mnDEwLmdVvms9QCqvl_GwhKzrIWCyyXAFHsPSAaY","tw":93}{"cb":21,"cl":21,"cr":21,"ct":12,"id":"aUGbuiv9eW2haM:","ml":{"600":{"bh":90,"bw":78}},"oh":3000,"ou":"https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1246/0219/products/201810-Manoogian-H18_12024_WEB.jpg?v\u003d1541697621","ow":2000,"pt":"cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1246/0219/products/20181...","rh":"laurenmanoogian.com","rid":"cYc-aEuJZm9jCM","rt":0,"ru":"https://laurenmanoogian.com/collections/shop","sc":1,"st":"Lauren Manoogian","th":117,"tu":"https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q\u003dtbn:ANd9GcTTmpqvrm1ubfY_UTlAJ_wuvqfpF0om4DGzFqo_1nlcoesRzQjUcS6Cuww","tw":78}Другие картинки по запросу "lauren manoogian производитель"Жалоба отправленаПожаловаться на картинкиБлагодарим за замечания. Пожаловаться на другую картинку.Пожаловаться на содержание картинки. ОтменаПожаловаться(function(){var a=document.querySelector("#taw"),b=document.querySelector("#topstuff");if(a&&!a.clientHeight&&b&&!b.clientHeight)for(var c=document.querySelector("#rso").children,d=0;dLauren Manoogian pour Femme | LN-CChttps://www.ln-cc.com/fr/createurs/.../lauren-manoogian/Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуLauren Manoogian crafts loomed knitwear that fuses simple silhouettes with sustainable philosophies to produce unique women's sweaters and pants. Shop at ...Не найдено: производительLauren Manoogian Taper Coat | геометрия стиля | Coat, Jumpers и ...https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/371406300494309741/Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat May. Перейти ... Пальто для полных женщин ведущих белорусских производителей, осень-зима 2016-2017 Женская Мода.


Ralph Lauren, at Macy's (macys.com); sneakers, $80, by Nike (niketown.com). ... at Macy's (macys.com); earrings, $9, by GirlProps (girlprops.com); belt, $495, ...

Extrablack Подводка 100 Liner Vamp! FFFFFF) variant_hex_name ...

... "Элит-Галанд" Subject: Косметика оптом Author Lauren Manoogian, 18 500 рублей. Но при ... Тени для век - купить палетку теней для глаз в интернет.

Ремень Ralph Lauren S, в магазине Ralph Lauren — на Шопоголик

Ремень Ralph Lauren S, цвет темно-коричневый, натуральная кожа, 78,5см/88,5см до первого/ последнего отверстия, ширина 4,4см.

Constanzia Yurashko - Главная | Facebook

Anaise · 5 Сентябрь ·. New fall arrivals from Veronique Leroy, Lauren Manoogian, Constanzia Yurashko, and more. ... Рекомендации и отзывы. Невероятно ...

Купить Косметичка женская косметичка текстиль косметичка ...

Купить Косметичка женская косметичка текстиль косметичка льняная "Яркое лето" ... Lauren Manoogian - Natural Crochet Bowl Bag | BONA DRAG.

Ремень Ralph Lauren | Дисконт-бутик IDEO

Ремень Ralph Lauren украшен металлической гравировкой с фирменным логотипом бренда .Вы можете приобрести этот аксессуар в нашем интернет ...

Real Leather Extreme Shoulder Corset Hals Korsett Harness Binder ...

Lauren Manoogian thin leather bracelet in triangle pattern black and taupe. Lauren Manoogian thin leather bracelet in tri… US $60,00. + Доставка0 ставки(-ок).

RALPH LAUREN Ремни Мужские 2 Модели - Купить в Интернет ...

RALPH LAUREN Ремни Мужские ✓ [AW/SS 18] от 4531 с Доставкой ✈ по России. RALPH LAUREN: Новинки Каждый День!

Everything You Need to Copy Meghan Markle's Style | PEOPLE.com

3 дня назад - The actress and Prince Harry's fiancée Markle may not yet be a bonafide style icon, but with outfits like these, she's well on her way.

Кожаный ремень Ralph Lauren - магазин "Винтаж Вояж"

Кожаный чёрный ремень Ralph Laurent с выделкой под кожу крокодила. Металлическая пряжка. Отличное винтажное состояние.

Женский кожаный коричневый ремень RALPH LAUREN - Modbrand

Бренд: RALPH LAUREN. Оригинальный кожаный женский ремень RALPH LAUREN. Длина ремня ральф лаурен: 95 см. Ширина ремня ральф лаурен: 3 ...

Fashion Notes: First Lady Melania Trump's 10 Most Stylish Looks of ...

7 ч. назад - Chanel ensemble, hat, and flats, with an ivory Ralph Lauren blazer were ... orange leather belt and matching orange Manolo Blahniks was her ...

Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL) ERP5 Score of 3461 in Focus ...

2 дня назад - Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL) has an ERP5 rank of 3461. ... decisions may take some time and a few good trades under the belt.

Дьюти-фри: зона беспошлинной торговли в Париже | Мoя Франция

Статья подробно раскрывает вопросы покупок в парижском дьюти-фри: чем хороши магазины ...

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Voted the best department store in the world, Selfridges has all the latest designer collections, must-have toys & gifts for all the family.

Кольца SOKOLOV 94010500 s купить в Орске

На orsk.zolotoyuleyshop.ru Вы можете купить Кольца SOKOLOV ... ЭГА 05 ВМ 16, LAUREN MANOOGIAN Свитер, Microsoft КХЛ Русский лед беспроводной ...

Ремень Ralph Lauren 391676 - g-shine

Ремень Ralph Lauren 391676. Натуральная кожа Классическая бляшка. Артикул: 391676. Наличие: Есть в наличии. 1990 руб. В корзину. Описание ...

Ralph Lauren Ремень из кожи питона [VI10] : BUY-BY-ME.RU

Ralph Lauren. Ремень из кожи питона. 8 000 ₽. Добавить в корзину. Задать вопрос о товаре. Детали. Размер: S. Доставка и оплата. Доставка: ...

Ремень Polo Ralph Lauren (Поло Ральф Лорен) арт 4051620 ...

Ремень Polo Ralph Lauren (Поло Ральф Лорен) купить в интернет-магазине KUPIVIP.RU по цене 7890 руб, артикул 4051620 СИНИЙ/W14080208827, ...

Женские ремни от Lauren Ralph Lauren | Borsellino

В нашем каталоге магазина Borsellino представлены ремни для женщин от бренда Lauren Ralph Lauren – с доставкой заказа на дом!


Выиграй ценные призы тут: https://clck.ru/Eiixb БОНУС 50р и по ссылке 20% на первый депозит! СКИДКИ ...Ремень Ralph Lauren – купить в Москве, цена 4 000 руб., дата ...https://youla.ru/moskva/.../riemien-ralph-lauren-5b080e66a09cd574283d9745Сохраненная копияРемень Ralph Lauren – объявление о продаже в Москве. Цена: 4 000 руб., дата размещения: 01.12.2018. Ремень Ralph Lauren – купить на Юле.

Boots for Women: Stylish Women's Boots | belk

Ralph Lauren Merrie Riding Boot. $92.50. Orig. $185.00. (1). Bandolino Lappo Promo Dress Bootie · Best Seller. Blk/blk Le. Red/red Le.

Строгий кожаный ремень Polo Ralph Lauren - Asos

Купить Строгий кожаный ремень Polo Ralph Lauren на ASOS. Открой мир моды онлайн.

Купить Ремень Ralph Lauren по выгодной цене на Яндекс.Маркете

Ремень Ralph Lauren. Цены, отзывы покупателей о товаре и магазинах, условия доставки и возврата — всё на одной странице.

Ремни Ремень от Polo Ralph Lauren, модель PO006DMYYT71 ...

Купить ремни Ремень, по цене 12499 рублей с доставкой по Москве и России в интернет-магазине Гардеробус.


... by Polo by Ralph Lauren $1,650 (Polo/Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, N.Y.C., ... page 68: Same as Contents, except Dalvin's stressed leather belt by Guess?

Eris Melton Coat | outwear | Pinterest

Пальто Ассиметрия – купить в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров с доставкой - DATHBRU | ... Lauren Manoogian | Capote Coat | La Garçonne.

Мужские ремни Ralph Lauren 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить ...

Кожаный ремень с металлической пряжкой Polo Ralph Lauren 405688070. 8 400 руб. в ЦУМ ... Ремень Polo Ralph Lauren A77/ABP67/R0580. 6 965 руб. в ...

Кожаный ремень с логотипом на нашивке Polo Ralph Lauren - Asos

Купить Кожаный ремень с логотипом на нашивке Polo Ralph Lauren на ASOS. Открой мир моды онлайн.

Мужские ремни Ralph Lauren: купить мужской ремень Ralph Lauren

Идея купить мужской ремень Ralph Lauren - намерение, достойное настоящего ценителя моды и современного стиля. Впрочем, реализовать его ...

Ralph Lauren Детские ремни для мальчиков В продаже со скидкой ...

Черный, В продаже со скидкой, Осень-Зима 2018/19, Кожа, Детская одежда: Ralph Lauren Детские ремни для мальчиков, Ремни, Имеющиеся Размеры: ...

Find the Best Holiday Savings on Marianna Floral-Print Silk Ruffle ...

Lauren Ralph Lauren Scalloped Lace Dress - Garnet 16 · $170.00 $102.00 · Lauren Ralph Lauren. Lauren Ralph Lauren Scalloped ... Delicate floral lace and ...

Женские шорты LAUREN MANOOGIAN. Купить ... - Footgears

1 моделей LAUREN MANOOGIAN в наличии. Скидки на женские шорты LAUREN MANOOGIAN каждый день!

"Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds" author and ...

9 ч. назад - He's also an ultra-marathon runner, with more than 60 races under his belt. His new memoir ... Ralph Lauren celebrates their 50th Anniversary ...

Anaïse | Lauren Manoogian Bottle Shoulders | kids | Мода, Блузки ...

Ни одного крупного производителя пряжи не обошла стороной эта тенденция. Есть марки, которые выпускают только очень толстую пряжу — это их ...

Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Jeans Belt from Next Ukraine

Кожаный ремень для джинсов Polo Ralph Lauren - Покупайте прямо на Next Украина. Возможна международная доставка и возврат товаров. Покупайте ...

Тканый ремень Polo Ralph Lauren - Asos

Купить Тканый ремень Polo Ralph Lauren на ASOS. Открой мир моды онлайн.

Купить новинки в интернет магазине Brandshop | Цены на ...

Polo Ralph Lauren Мужская толстовка Vintage Print Bear Hoodie Newport Navy ... Мужская толстовка Polo Ralph Lauren Different Print Big Bear New Forest.

COTTAGE INN OF MACKINAC ISLAND (Макинак-Айленд, Мичиган ...

Cottage Inn of Mackinac Island, Макинак-Айленд: Читайте объективные отзывы и ... The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum. 118 отзывов.

Новые мужские ремни Ralph Lauren и Tommy Hilfiger купить в ...

5 дек. 2018 г. - Объявление о продаже Новые мужские ремни Ralph Lauren и Tommy Hilfiger в Санкт-Петербурге на Avito.

Ремни от Ralph Lauren для Мужчин - YOOX Россия

Ремни от Ralph Lauren для Мужчин на Yoox. Открой для себя мир Yoox. Доставка по всей России.

The Great Fashion Designers

TAKADA 30 RALPH LAUREN RALPH LAUREN ... trim and appliqué and introducing the hip-slung belt which, once again, the whole fashion world emulated.

Мужские ремни Polo Ralph Lauren по цене от 5 405 руб. купить в ...

Мастера марки шьют мужские ремни Polo Ralph Lauren из гладкой или мерейной кожи с матовым блеском, бархатистой эластичной замши, кожи ...

Новые онлайн-магазины одежды, обуви и аксессуаров - Wonderzine

20 окт. 2014 г. - Обычно производство той или иной вещи начинается уже после ... нижнее белье и базовую одежду), Lauren Manoogian (трикотаж в ...

Polo by Ralph Lauren Accessories | Polo Hat | Poshmark

Shop Women's Polo by Ralph Lauren Blue Orange size OS Hats at a discounted price at Poshmark. Description: Gently used, in good condition. Sold by ...

Лучшие образы Меган Маркл за первый год в королевской семье ...

1 день назад - 14 июля: брюки и рубашка Ralph Lauren ... когда появилась на мероприятии в черном коктейльном платье с акцентным ремнем на талии ...

Купить Косметичка женская с фермуаром "Шебби-шик" большая ...

Купить Косметичка женская с фермуаром "Шебби-шик" большая - цветочный, ... Lauren Manoogian - Natural Crochet Bowl Bag | BONA DRAG.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Slit Keeper Leather Belt | belts | Pinterest

Lauren Ralph Lauren Slit Keeper Leather Belt | Nordstrom. Lauren Ralph Lauren Slit Keeper Leather Belt. Модные АксессуарыКожаные РемниРальф ...

Designer Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Shoes & Handbags - Saks ...

Free Shipping, Every Day, Every Order. Shop Saks.com for the latest Designer Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Beauty and More.

Женские брюки LAUREN MANOOGIAN. Купить ... - Footgears

1 моделей LAUREN MANOOGIAN в наличии. Скидки на женские брюки LAUREN MANOOGIAN каждый день!

Men's Belts & Suspenders in Leather & Suede | Ralph Lauren

... belts and suspenders to suede belts. Ralph Lauren. ... Vachetta Leather Dress Belt. Polo Ralph Lauren ... Polo Bear-Overlay Webbed Belt. Polo Ralph Lauren.

Ремень women LAUREN RALPH LAUREN | Новинки Осень/Зима ...

LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Ремень women Авторизованный дилер | Бесплатная доставка и безопасные онлайн-покупки на Giglio.com.

Lauren Ralph Lauren женские ремни коричневый ремень с ... - eBay

Найдите на eBay выгодные предложения по запросу Lauren Ralph Lauren женские ремни коричневый ремень с накладками. Вы найдете новые и б/у ...

Мужской ремень Polo Ralph Lauren, кожа, чёрный, Италия - Фарпост

Мужской ремень под джинсы Polo Ralph Lauren из телячьей эластичной кожи отличной выделки. Цвет чёрный. Пряжка - сплав олова со свинцом, она ...

Women's Sale | Nordstrom

Free shipping on all women's sale at Nordstrom.com. Shop the best brands on sale at Nordstrom.com. Totally free shipping & returns.

The Royals reveal their favorite moments of 2018 - USA Today

1 день назад - Kensington Palace shared a touching three-minute video compilation of some of Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess ...

Lord & Taylor: Designer Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories ...

Shop Lord and Taylor online for designer clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories for women, men and kids. Enjoy free shipping on $99 or more. Let's Go ...

Ремни Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren. Ремни Ralph Lauren. ... Ремни Ralph Lauren. Braided Calfskin O Ring Belt 86689486 ... Concho Plaque Buckle Belt 86689516 · Burnished ...

Женский ремень LAUREN RALPH LAUREN eobuv korichnevyj ...

Ralph Lauren. Смотреть Ремни и пояса Ralph Lauren. Смотреть зона бренда Ralph Lauren. 1692 грн. Товар недоступен в магазине. Доступные размеры.

T's Most Thrilling Long Reads From 2018 - The New York Times

4 дня назад - ... levi.com, and his own belt. Actor ANDREW RANNELLS in a Brunello Cucinelli jacket, $2,195, brunellocucinelli.com, Ralph Lauren sweater, ...


/Ralph Lauren, available at select Macy's and Bloomingdale's stores ... boots, $575, by Stephane Kelian, available at Stephane Kelian, N.Y.C; studded belt, $45, ...

The Metrosexual: Gender, Sexuality, and Sport

... and a pair of pleated cotton trousers set off by a Paul Stuart lizard belt with a ... Ralph Lauren and His Models New York fashion houses have played a vital ...

Каталог женских ремней и поясов Ralph Lauren (Ральф Лорен) от ...

Рассказываем о лучших вещах из последней коллекции Ralph Lauren: женские ремни и пояса и другие вещи.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Belts - Macy's

Lauren Ralph Lauren Bennington Plus-Size Skinny Leather Belt. Quickview. Lauren Ralph Lauren Bennington Plus-Size Skinny Leather Belt. $38.00.

Мужские ремни Polo Ralph Lauren купить на eBay США с доставкой ...

Купите мужские ремни Polo Ralph Lauren с быстрой доставкой по Москве и регионам России. Доставка запчастей и аксессуаров для техники из ...

Ремень джинсовый "Polo Ralph Lauren" - Elefante-shop.ru

Джинсовый ремень из натуральной кожи. Ширина ремня 3,8 см. Размер пряжки 5,5 х 6,5 см. Регулируемый размер (винт). Максимальная длина ремня ...

Get the Deal: Polo Ralph Lauren - Straight Leg Cotton Blend Chino ...

We've got polo ralph lauren - straight leg cotton blend chino shorts - mens - navy ... to ensure a comfortable fit, and are shaped with belt loops and straight legs.

Shoptagr | Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Tank Top Grey Gray Cap Sleeve ...

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Tank Top Grey Gray Cap Sleeve Athletic Sports ... Eurosport Solid Rich Fashion Color Double Grommet Belt Bw9915 by Eurosport® ...

Priyanka Chopra wedding outfit by Ralph & Russo revealed with ...

19 дек. 2018 г. - For the Christian ceremony, which was officiated by Jonas's father Paul Kevin Jonas Sr, Chopra wore a Ralph Lauren gown featuring crystal ...

Купить ремни для мужчин Polo Ralph Lauren (Поло Ральф Лоурен ...

Скидки на ремни для мужчин Polo Ralph Lauren (Поло Ральф Лоурен) каждый день! Большой выбор , БЕСПЛАТНАЯ доставка по России!

Ralph Lauren: интервью с Ральфом Лореном и фото моделей ...

15 окт. 2018 г. - На моделях: платье, пальто, ремень Ralph Lauren. Фото: Arseny Jabiev; Стиль: Aeri Yun. Vogue Россия, Октябрь 2018 ...

Мода, Весна 2019: 10 самых модных вещей весны и с чем их ...

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Ward Ian M. Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers

Providing an updated and comprehensive account of the properties of solid polymers, the book covers all aspects of mechanical behaviour. This includes finite elastic behavior, linear viscoelasticity and mechanical relaxations, mechanical anisotropy, non-linear viscoelasicity, yield behavior and fracture. New to this edition is coverage of polymer nanocomposites, and molecular interpretations of yield, e.g. Bowden, Young, and Argon. The book begins by focusing on the structure of polymers, including their chemical composition and physical structure. It goes on to discuss the mechanical properties and behaviour of polymers, the statistical molecular theories of the rubber-like state and describes aspects of linear viscoelastic behaviour, its measurement, and experimental studies. Later chapters cover composites and experimental behaviour, relaxation transitions, stress and yielding. The book concludes with a discussion of breaking phenomena.

14575.99 РУБ



Tamer Becherrawy Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibrations Waves

Dealing with vibrations and waves, this text aims to provide understanding of the basic principles and methods of analysing various physical phenomena. The content includes the general properties of propagation, a detailed study of mechanical (elastic and acoustic) and electromagnetic waves, propagation, attenuation, dispersion, reflection, interference and diffraction of waves. It features chapters on the effect of motion of sources and observers (both classical and relativistic), emission of electromagnetic waves, standing and guided waves and a final chapter on de Broglie waves constitutes an introduction to quantum mechanics.

16315.17 РУБ



Michel Soustelle Thermodynamics of Surfaces and Capillary Systems

This book is part of a set of books which offers advanced students successive characterization tool phases, the study of all types of phase (liquid, gas and solid, pure or multi-component), process engineering, chemical and electrochemical equilibria, and the properties of surfaces and phases of small sizes. Macroscopic and microscopic models are in turn covered with a constant correlation between the two scales. Particular attention has been given to the rigor of mathematical developments. This volume, the final of the Chemical Thermodynamics Set, offers an in-depth examination of chemical thermodynamics. The author uses systems of liquids, vapors, solids and mixtures of these in thermodynamic approaches to determine the influence of the temperature and pressure on the surface tension and its consequences on specific heat capacities and latent heats. Electro-capillary phenomena, the thermodynamics of cylindrical capillary and small volume-phases are also discussed, along with a thermodynamic study of the phenomenon of nucleation of a condensed phase and the properties of thin liquid films. The final chapters discuss the phenomena of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of gases by solid surfaces. In an Appendix, applications of physical adsorption for the determination of the specific areas of solids and their porosity are given.

8965 РУБ



James Njuguna Functional and Physical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites

The first book to extensively cover nanoparticles, this addresses some of the key issues in nanocomposites. Polymer nanocomposites (polymers reinforced with nanoparticles), are of great interest due to their remarkable mechanical, thermal, chemical properties as well as optical, electronic, and magnetic applications Potential applications include automobile body parts, high-barrier packaging materials, flame-retardants, scratch-resistant composites, and biodegradable nanocomposites Combines basic theory as well as advanced and in-depth knowledge of these properties Broad audience includes researchers in Materials Science, Physics, Polymer Chemistry, and Engineering, and those in industry

10021.26 РУБ



Sadao Adachi Earth-Abundant Materials for Solar Cells. Cu2-II-IV-VI4 Semiconductors

Systematically describes the physical and materials properties of copper-based quaternary chalcogenide semiconductor materials, enabling their potential for photovoltaic device applications. Intended for scientists and engineers, in particular, in the fields of multinary semiconductor physics and a variety of photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices.

15077.5 РУБ



Kurt W. Kolasinski Physical Chemistry. How Chemistry Works

Much of chemistry is motivated by asking How? How do I make a primary alcohol? React a Grignard reagent with formaldehyde. Physical chemistry is motivated by asking Why? The Grignard reagent and formaldehyde follow a molecular dance known as a reaction mechanism in which stronger bonds are made at the expense of weaker bonds. If you are interested in asking why and not just how, then you need to understand physical chemistry. Physical Chemistry: How Chemistry Works takes a fresh approach to teaching in physical chemistry. This modern textbook is designed to excite and engage undergraduate chemistry students and prepare them for how they will employ physical chemistry in real life. The student-friendly approach and practical, contemporary examples facilitate an understanding of the physical chemical aspects of any system, allowing students of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry to be fluent in the essentials of physical chemistry in order to understand synthesis, intermolecular interactions and materials properties. For students who are deeply interested in the subject of physical chemistry, the textbook facilitates further study by connecting them to the frontiers of research. Provides students with the physical and mathematical machinery to understand the physical chemical aspects of any system. Integrates regular examples drawn from the literature, from contemporary issues and research, to engage students with relevant and illustrative details. Important topics are introduced and returned to in later chapters: key concepts are reinforced and discussed in more depth as students acquire more tools. Chapters begin with a preview of important concepts and conclude with a summary of important equations. Each chapter includes worked examples and exercises: discussion questions, simple equation manipulation questions, and problem-solving exercises. Accompanied by supplementary online material: worked examples for students and a solutions manual for instructors. Written by an experienced instructor, researcher and author in physical chemistry, with a voice and perspective that is pedagogical and engaging.

8109.79 РУБ



A. E. Dolbear The Machinery of the Universe: Mechanical Conceptions Physical Phenomena

Rajamani Doraiswami Identification of Physical Systems. Applications to Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis, Soft Sensor and Controller Design

Identification of a physical system deals with the problem of identifying its mathematical model using the measured input and output data. As the physical system is generally complex, nonlinear, and its input–output data is corrupted noise, there are fundamental theoretical and practical issues that need to be considered. Identification of Physical Systems addresses this need, presenting a systematic, unified approach to the problem of physical system identification and its practical applications. Starting with a least-squares method, the authors develop various schemes to address the issues of accuracy, variation in the operating regimes, closed loop, and interconnected subsystems. Also presented is a non-parametric signal or data-based scheme to identify a means to provide a quick macroscopic picture of the system to complement the precise microscopic picture given by the parametric model-based scheme. Finally, a sequential integration of totally different schemes, such as non-parametric, Kalman filter, and parametric model, is developed to meet the speed and accuracy requirement of mission-critical systems. Key features: Provides a clear understanding of theoretical and practical issues in identification and its applications, enabling the reader to grasp a clear understanding of the theory and apply it to practical problems Offers a self-contained guide by including the background necessary to understand this interdisciplinary subject Includes case studies for the application of identification on physical laboratory scale systems, as well as number of illustrative examples throughout the book Identification of Physical Systems is a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners working in this field and is also a useful source of information for graduate students in electrical, computer, biomedical, chemical, and mechanical engineering.

11410 РУБ



Laurence Minot Poems on interesting events in the reign of king Edward III

Полный вариант заголовка: «Poems on interesting events in the reign of king Edward III : with preface, dissertations, notes, and a glossary / written, in the year 1352 by Laurence Minot».




Jean-Pierre Ollivier Physical Properties of Concrete and Constituents

Understanding the rheological properties of fresh concrete, the hydration phenomenon of cement responsible for structuration, the relationship between the characteristics of the porous solid obtained and its mechanical performances or resistance to the aggressive penetration requires a complex knowledge of the physicochemistry of reactive porous materials. The development of simple formulation rules therefore requires the assimilation of this knowledge and a good command of the properties of these materials. The purpose of this book is to provide the mix designer with useful knowledge on granular materials and porous materials, which will enable the innovative design of concrete. Topics covered include the characterization of granular materials, the concepts of porosity and specific surface area, and the transport properties (diffusion and permeation) of concrete. Some of these topics are already covered in other general books dedicated to granular or porous materials. The objective here is to bring them together in one book by adapting them for use by concrete specialists. Applications in the form of exercises are offered at the end of each chapter to enable readers to assimilate the theoretical knowledge and to apply such knowledge to concrete problems encountered in civil engineering. Contents 1. Description of Granular Materials, Definitions. 2. Granulometry. 3. Specific Surface Area of Materials. 4. Voids in Granular Materials and the Arrangement of Grains. 5. Voids in Concrete. 6. The Fundamentals of Diffusion. 7. Permeability.

13448.28 РУБ



Thomas Mitchell M. Fault Zone Dynamic Processes. Evolution of Properties During Seismic Rupture

Why do earthquakes happen? What properties control the dynamic rupture and what are the processes at play? Chapters in the present volume capture the current state of the art by displaying an overview of the existing knowledge on the physics of dynamic faulting and promote multidisciplinary contributions on the observational and experimental fault fabric and mechanics, the evolution of fault zone physical and chemical properties, dynamic rupture processes and physically, and observationally, consistent numerical modeling of fault zone during seismic rupture. This volume examines questions such as: What are the dynamics processes recorded in fault gouge? What can we learn on rupture dynamic from laboratory experiments? How on-fault and off-fault properties affect seismic ruptures? How do they evolve trough time? Insights from physically, and observationally, consistent numerical modeling Fault Zone Dynamic Processes: Evolution of Fault Properties During Seismic Rupture is a valuable contribution for Earth’s scientists, researchers and students interested in the earthquakes processes and properties of on-fault and off-fault zones. Its multidisciplinary content is relevant to a broad audience: structural geologist, experimentalists, rocks mechanicians, seismologist, geophysicists and modelers.

13851.91 РУБ



Ulrich Rohde L. Introduction to Differential Calculus. Systematic Studies with Engineering Applications for Beginners

Enables readers to apply the fundamentals of differential calculus to solve real-life problems in engineering and the physical sciences Introduction to Differential Calculus fully engages readers by presenting the fundamental theories and methods of differential calculus and then showcasing how the discussed concepts can be applied to real-world problems in engineering and the physical sciences. With its easy-to-follow style and accessible explanations, the book sets a solid foundation before advancing to specific calculus methods, demonstrating the connections between differential calculus theory and its applications. The first five chapters introduce underlying concepts such as algebra, geometry, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry. Subsequent chapters present a broad range of theories, methods, and applications in differential calculus, including: Concepts of function, continuity, and derivative Properties of exponential and logarithmic function Inverse trigonometric functions and their properties Derivatives of higher order Methods to find maximum and minimum values of a function Hyperbolic functions and their properties Readers are equipped with the necessary tools to quickly learn how to understand a broad range of current problems throughout the physical sciences and engineering that can only be solved with calculus. Examples throughout provide practical guidance, and practice problems and exercises allow for further development and fine-tuning of various calculus skills. Introduction to Differential Calculus is an excellent book for upper-undergraduate calculus courses and is also an ideal reference for students and professionals alike who would like to gain a further understanding of the use of calculus to solve problems in a simplified manner.

13121.19 РУБ



Tohru Nishinaga Organic Redox Systems. Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Providing a thorough overview of leading research from internationally-recognized contributing authors, this book describes methods for the preparation and application of redox systems for organic electronic materials like transistors, photovoltaics, and batteries. • Covers bond formation and cleavage, supramolecular systems, molecular design, and synthesis and properties • Addresses preparative methods, unique structural features, physical properties, and material applications of redox active p-conjugated systems • Offers a useful guide for both academic and industrial chemists involved with organic electronic materials • Focuses on the transition-metal-free redox systems composed of organic and organo main group compounds

15893.28 РУБ



Paul Laurence Dunbar The Complete Poems of

Olivier Gallot-Lavallée Dielectric Materials and Electrostatics

An introduction to the physics of electrical insulation, this book presents the physical foundations of this discipline and the resulting applications. It is structured in two parts. The first part presents a mathematical and intuitive approach to dielectrics; various concepts, including polarization, induction, forces and losses are discussed. The second part provides readers with the keys to understanding the physics of solid, liquid and gas insulation. It comprises a phenomenological description of discharges in gas and its resulting applications. Finally, the main electrical properties of liquids and solids are presented, in order to explain the phenomena of electrical degradation, dissipation and breakdown. Contents 1. Mathematical Examination of Dielectrics 2. Physical Examination of Dielectrics Appendix 1. List of Figures Appendix 2. List of Symbols Appendix 3. List of Useful Values Appendix 4. Reminder about Dielectric Spectroscopy Appendix 5. Reminder about Transitory Currents

8227.33 РУБ



Neil Wells C. The Atmosphere and Ocean. A Physical Introduction

The Atmosphere and Ocean is a fully revised and updated student friendly physical introduction to the atmosphere and ocean. Now in its Third Edition, the book continues to provide students with an accessible description of the atmosphere and ocean with emphasis on their physical properties and inter-dependence. Clearly structured throughout, the book demonstrates that the atmosphere and ocean are both subject to the influence of the earths rotation and therefore they have a common dynamical basis. The author clearly demonstrates the fundamental differences between the two environments and provides the reader with a much better understanding of the atmosphere and the ocean and an appreciation of their closest interactive relationship. There have been many developments in the field over the past ten years and this latest edition of a highly successful textbook brings together new material on the ocean-atmosphere system and climate, the observed circulation of the atmosphere and ocean and radiation in the atmosphere and ocean. Fully revised and updated 3rd Edition of student friendly physical introduction to the atmosphere and ocean. Now includes new chapters on observed circulation of the atmosphere and ocean, energy flows in the ocean atmosphere system, modeling the ocean and atmosphere, the ocean atmosphere system and climate. Well structured and written in an authoritative yet accessible style suitable for 2nd and 3rd year students taking courses in meteorology, oceanography and related Earth Sciences or as an introduction for graduate students. Emphasis placed on physical properties and inter-dependence of the ocean and climate. Part of the RMetS (Royal Meteorological Society) book series, Advancing Weather and Climate Science

2314.77 РУБ



Vikas Mittal Surface Modification of Nanoparticle and Natural Fiber Fillers

A review of the various methodologies for the surface treatment of different types of inorganic spherical and fibrous fillers, describing ball milling, cationic polymerization, vapor phase grafting, plasma treatment and UV irradiation in detail. In addition, the book connects the resulting composite properties to the modified filler surface properties, thus allowing for a purposeful, application-oriented composite design.

10577.99 РУБ



Hidenori Terasaki Deep Earth. Physics and Chemistry of the Lower Mantle Core

Deep Earth: Physics and Chemistry of the Lower Mantle and Core highlights recent advances and the latest views of the deep Earth from theoretical, experimental, and observational approaches and offers insight into future research directions on the deep Earth. In recent years, we have just reached a stage where we can perform measurements at the conditions of the center part of the Earth using state-of-the-art techniques, and many reports on the physical and chemical properties of the deep Earth have come out very recently. Novel theoretical models have been complementary to this breakthrough. These new inputs enable us to compare directly with results of precise geophysical and geochemical observations. This volume highlights the recent significant advancements in our understanding of the deep Earth that have occurred as a result, including contributions from mineral/rock physics, geophysics, and geochemistry that relate to the topics of: I. Thermal structure of the lower mantle and core II. Structure, anisotropy, and plasticity of deep Earth materials III. Physical properties of the deep interior IV. Chemistry and phase relations in the lower mantle and core V. Volatiles in the deep Earth The volume will be a valuable resource for researchers and students who study the Earths interior. The topics of this volume are multidisciplinary, and therefore will be useful to students from a wide variety of fields in the Earth Sciences.

12221.14 РУБ



Erasmus Desiderius A Merry Dialogue Declaringe the Properties of Shrowde Shrews and Honest Wives


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